Yogi Victor
Name Yogi Victor
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Deceased
Job Yoga Instructor
First appearance Hank's Back
Voiced by Johnny Depp
Hank's yoga instructor

Yogi Victor is voiced by Johnny Depp. He appears in the episode "Hank's Back".


When Hank injured his back his doctor recommended that he take yoga at a studio in McMaynerberry. Hank starts attending Yoga Spot pretty soon afterwards. During his first session Hank was put off by Yogi Victor's personality and left shortly. However Hank continued to experience back problems and had no other choice but to return to Yogi Victor's yoga class. Hank attends a few of Yogi Victor's classes and after a few sessions leaves even though Yogi Victor does not believe he is done.

Yogi Victor is called upon at the Workers Compensation Fraud Inquiries as a surprise witness. He attests that Hank attended three of his classes without buying any merchandise. His odd behavior makes the people in committee see that no sane person would willingly go to his yoga studio if they didn't need help. They find that Hank innocent but Yogi Victor becomes upset that they are rewarding Hank for abandoning the yoga way. He points out that Hank is still in pain and is forced to continue his treatment of yoga. Yogi Victor tells him that he demands that he buy a tank top. Hank continues his yoga treatment with Yogi Victor but also does yoga at work with his coworkers as well.


Yogi Victor is a weird, unsupportive and arrogant man. He is shown to be only interested in helping the attractive female clients of his. When he was assisting a female client and a male client asked for help he shouted to him to face the wall. He evacuates his bowels between 4 and 6 in the morning. Also he believes that lunch is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Does not answer if someone calls him Victor. Only responses when someone calls him Yogi Victor. He is shown to be disgusted at Hank's body. He sells CDs of himself making ocean noises and is in a band. He is shown twice sucking in his stomach to impress the ladies.


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