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Wesley Cherish is a new neighbor and father of six who becomes the Straight Arrow leader with Hank. Wesley gets overly caught up with safety and shielding the scout group and his boys, who are also in the group, from things that could be dangerous, which irritates Hank, who grew up as a Straight Arrow Scout, doing things like building fires, handling sharp tools, and camping.

Wesley attempts to ban Bobby from the group after the boy exposes his sons to a violent video game. Bobby then tries to do everything he can to please Wesley in order to rejoin the group, including giving up his video games and everything else he knows Wesley does not like. Hank eventually talks Wesley into letting Bobby back in. During the camping trip (taking place indoors), Wesley builds a fake fire from streamers, sticks, and a fan, then pretending a stuffed bear is a real bear attacking the camp. He leaves, letting Hank take over. Hank has Bill, Boomhauer, and Bill stall Wesley when his sons go running off in the forest on a sugar rush. Wesley starts to spray the guys with pepper spray as they approach him though, which ends up forcing them to spill everything.

Wesley is very upset with Hank for going against his wishes. This is somewhat justified given that one of his sons, Robin, has ADHD, and another, Carey, is hyperglycemic; and thus excessive sugar can be dangerous to them. Wesley then takes his boys home to check them for ticks.

He only appears in "Straight as an Arrow".