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Wendy is a timeshare saleswoman for El Grande Vista in Mexico. She appears once in the episode "Death Buys a Timeshare."


Wendy is one of the many sale representatives at the O'Kelly Timeshare in Mexico. She was asked by her boss Rich Bowen to talk to Bill, as she is shown to be a attractive woman and is assigned to persuade Bill to buy a timeshare.

The moment she talked to Bill, he took out his credit card and handed it over to her, but as she swiped his card and almost congratulates him, she discovers his card been denied. When Bill asked if she takes Blockbuster, she gives him a smug face, meaning no. Bill remembers he has a card with no credit limit, making Wendy smile and attempt to swipe it, only for Hank to take it and reprimand Bill for trying to buy a timeshare. She later appears again in the episode when she celebrates Cotton buying a timeshare.