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Wayne Trotter, a man who has been mentioned by Peggy Hill in Luanne Virgin 2.0, is one of Peggy's friends from when she was younger. He is later revealed to be a homosexual and the man that Peggy lost her virginity to.


In the past, before Peggy had met Hank Hill, she had lost her virginity to a good friend of hers, who went by Wayne Trotter. People would assume that they had a relationship, but there was never anything romantic going on between them, until one day, they were at Pier One. He had sat Peggy down on a wicker chair, took her hand, and told Peggy that he might be a homosexual. Of course, this is when homosexuality in Texas was not as widely accepted. So, to prove to the contrary, Peggy had offered herself to Wayne, so they went to his home, he pushed his pillows aside and had a night of passion. While it had been a very pleasant night for her, that night had proven that Wayne was homosexual.


  • Perhaps because of the event with Wayne, Peggy asked Hank to wait until their wedding night to have sex.