Name Violetta Dauterive
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age 26 (deceased)
Relatives Bill Dauterive (Cousin)

Gilbert Dauterive (Cousin)
Girac Dauterive (Cousin)
Lenore Dauterive (ex cousin-in law)

First appearance "A Beer Can Named Desire"
Voiced by Natalie Maines

Violetta (born 1972) was a single woman and cousin of Bill and Gilbert. Violetta lived in Louisiana in a big house left behind by the Dauterive family. She, along with the widows of her two brothers, greeted Bill and the Hill family when they visited, and when her sister-in-laws attempted to sleep with Bill, Violetta joined in despite knowing she and Bill were blood related - until Gilbert exposed her. Much later on a visit to Bill's home in Arlen, Gilbert revealed to Bill that Violetta had died suddenly in her sleep sometime earlier.

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