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Hi there! My name Is Mark and I love King of the Hill with an obsessive passion.

I'm an editor and contributor for the King of the Hill Wikia. I frequently add new articles and often edit. I especially favor adding new Places/Businesses along with Minor and One Time Characters to the Wikia.

My thoughts on King of the Hill

King of the Hill (which in my opinion is the greatest animated sitcom of all time and truly my most favorite thing in life) is a television show that I intently watch on a constant and sometimes even daily basis with absolute wholeheartedness and enjoyment. To me personally, King of the Hill is so much more than a witty and creative animated sitcom, or favorite show that I eagerly watch. I find King of the Hill to be so much more than just humorous or entertaining and I constantly and enthusiastically not only watch, but also think, read, talk and even dream (I'm not kidding, it's happened) about King of the Hill.

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I understand King of the Hill in all its fantastic and creatively written glory, hilarious and appreciative humor, artistically and uniquely drawn characters along with its pleasant and appealing landscape, is still an animated television series based in a fictional suburb of Dallas, but my intention (which is evident at this point) was to express my unwavering dedication and earnest passion and admiration for this show and its fictional residents of Arlen, Texas, and in that, I believe I succeeded.