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Untitled Blake McCormick Project, originally titled Three Men and a Bastard, is the two hundred-twenty-fifth episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on February 17, 2008. The episode was written by Blake McCormick, and directed by Ken Wong.


Bill becomes involved with an attractive single mother, Charlene (Candi) who has returned to Arlen after being away for some years. When Charlene introduces her two children to Hank, Dale and Boomhauer, Dale immediately dislikes her oldest, Kate. He confides in Hank that he thinks something is wrong with Kate and that he intends to get to the bottom of it. Hank tells him to leave it alone but Dale steals a sample of Kate's hair and orders a DNA analysis. When the test discovers similarities between Kate's DNA and Joseph's, his son, he realizes that they are half-siblings. He hypothesizes the same aliens that impregnated Nancy also impregnated Charlene with his genetic material to start a Dale-based master race. Not wanting Bill to raise his daughter, Dale tries to sabotage his relationship by asking John Redcorn to seduce Charlene. John Redcorn soon realizes that Charlene is a woman he slept with years ago, although he knew her only by her stage name. Charlene and John Redcorn begin to date, with Charlene using the excuse that she's spending time with her old girlfriends and constantly leaving the kids with Bill. Meanwhile, Nancy finds out and confronts Redcorn in her kitchen. Dale walks in while they're arguing and they quickly switch to using his name, such as when John Redcorn says "Dale would never cheat on you." This just serves to anger Nancy and confuse Dale. At the Hills', Peggy looks out the window and sees chemistry between Joseph and Kate. Aware of the relation between the two, Peggy sends Bobby out to be the "third wheel" in their relationship. In the end, Charlene leaves Bill for John Redcorn. Dale says "So John Redcorn is going to raise my daughter. Strange, not sure I'd do the same for him." The irony, of course, is that Dale is unknowingly raising John Redcorn's son. Another irony is when Dale says "I will not have that fat slob Bill raising my daughter," eerily reflecting the many times John Redcorn has complained about Dale raising Joseph.


Stinger quote

  • Joseph Gribble: *laughing maniacally*


  • This episode was originally titled "Three Men and a Bastard" but was renamed for unknown reasons. It is speculated that FOX renamed it because of the use of the word "bastard" in the title.
  • Brittany Murphy used the same voice for Kate that she did for Joseph in the first few seasons, before his voice changed.
  • Dale refers to the 1987 movie The Stepfather and actor Terry O'Quinn.
  • Dale stated in previous episodes that he believes John Redcorn is gay. However, in this episode, he portrays Redcorn as a ladies' man.


  • Dale: "Stars the bald guy from Lost". 

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