The Minh Who Knew Too Much
Season 12, Episode 8
Air date December 9, 2007
Written by Dan McGrath
Directed by Kyounghee Lim
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The Minh Who Knew Too Much is the 221st episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on December 9, 2007. The episode was written by Dan McGrath, and directed by Kyounghee Lim.


Minh takes advantage of Nine Rivers' losing streak against Pennington Oaks in the skeet shooting competition to gain membership. She enrolls in Dale's gun club to sharpen her shooting abilities. Dale and the other men are instantly taken with Minh and agree to her request to install a skeet range in their gun club. Although they are angered when Minh declines to represent the Arlen Gun Club in a separate skeet shooting event due to its conflict with the country club shoot and seek revenge by storming Nine Rivers, they change their minds after seeing all the luxuries of the country club and are chased by security. 

When they arrive at the skeet event, Minh repays the gun club for their loyalty by claiming they are her guests and sparing them a humiliating ejection. As the gun club enjoys themselves at Nine Rivers' skeet range that evening, Minh and Khan finally enjoy their membership dinner with Cindy and Ted Wassanasong. Meanwhile, the Hills have a mystery to solve: Who has been depositing their garbage in Hank's cans?


  • Boomhauer has no dialouge in this episode. 
  • Minh mentions how the things Dale says about JFK aren't as crazy as someone would think. This contradicts an earlier episode "Dale to the Chief" where Dale comes around to beleiving the government was right about Lee Harvey Oswald in fact being JFK's assassin (of course he could've gone back to his original views after the events of that episode, as it does end with him questioning government motives).
  • The episode name parodies an Alfred Hitchcock film, "The man who knew too much."


Kahn: How did the shooting go? Did you get better?
Minh: The shooting was fine. But the place is a pigsty. They don't even have a skeet-shooting building!

Kahn: We on track with the rednecks?
Minh: They eating out of the palm of my hand. Even got them to build a skeet range.
Kahn: Good. Why are you cleaning so many guns?
Minh: They're Fitzy's. He's always forgetting to lube the obverse side of the trigger. And you should have seen Moose today! He fell down in the grass, and when he got up, he had leaves in his beard. It was so cute!
Kahn: Minh, don't go native on me!
Minh: Me? Never. Relax.You know, some of the things Gribble says about JFK and Oswald sound crazy at first...but if you really follow the money...

Dale: Minh is the coolest! She beat me at Stratego! And she can belch just like a dude!
Bill: It all sounds so glamorous.

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