Manger Babies

The Manger Babies


The Manger Babies are a group of puppets owned by Luanne. They first appeared in the Season 2 episode Meet The Manger Babies after Luanne discovered them at a garage sale and subsequently would create a Christian live television show with the puppets as the stars. After the season 2 episide Leanne’s Saga it's assumed the show was cancelled as it's never seen or mentioned again.  

The puppets appear sporadically throughout the rest of the series, typically appearing whenever Luanne is trying to cheer someone up or make a point. They are featured prominently in the Season 13 episode Manger Baby Einstein, where Luanne once again has a television show centered around them (instead of live though it's straight to DVD). After the show falls apart, Luanne throws all the puppets away. She later retrieves Gurgle Gurgle from a dog and uses it to comfort Gracie whenever she's upset. The other puppets are never found.  


  • Obediah the Donkey
  • Hosea the Cat
  • Gurgle Gurgle the Octopus
  • Sir Reginald Featherbottom III the Penguin