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The Incredible Hank is the 4th episode of Season 8 and the 153rd episode overall of King of the Hill. It first premiered on November 23, 2003. The episode was written by Dan Sterling, and directed by Wes Archer.


The episode starts off with Hank being very stressed from work to complaining customers and doing all his co-workers' tasks. An exhausted Hank becomes too tired to listen to Peggy's excitement over her joining the Viva Los Arlentinos planning committee, especially with the actual "running with the bulls" event. Through Dale's advice and learning from Bobby that he is flunking P.E., Hank takes Bobby to the doctor to get him some testosterone supplements to jumpstart puberty. The doctor diagnoses Bobby with full fitness, but Hank asks about the testosterone therapy to which the doctor responds they are only prescribed for men in their 40's with Irritable Male Syndrome, with symptom that perfectly describes Hank's current condition. Hank stubbornly denies the case and the doctor's prescription and walks out while Peggy secretly takes the prescription from the garbage can.

The next day, Peggy secretly dopes Hank's breakfast with the testosterone, which results in Hank to relive puberty all over again. Things look positive at first when counter-argues Dale's usual "off-the-topic" facts, volunteering to run with the bulls to ensure sponsors for the committee, and his constant training for the event. But sooner than later, the adolescent effects seem to drive Hank rough with the guys during his training and his rebellious attitude through Cotton's inviting himself to dinner. A guilty Peggy watches his husband's new attitude and even further where she learns from the doctor (after confessing and getting berated for her actions) that the overdose of testosterone would consequently shrink his testicles from 20%, eventually impairing his cognitive and physical abilities.

Peggy returns home with a box of trans-scrotal patches from the doctor in time to see Hank already becoming weak from the testosterone dosage. She confesses to Hank about what she did that made an angered Hank turn disappointed (with Hanks' shocked response censored off-screen and heard from the Souphanousinphones watching the squabble in their living room). This makes matters worse for Hank that he can't break his promise to the committee, and is no physical condition to run despite despite ceasing usage of the drug. Seeing the lack of integrity coming from his family (even after learning Bobby didn't heed his early advice at all), Hank determines to triumph the difficulty to run without any extra energy, especially refusing to wear the patch.

In the subplot, Bobby faces failing gym because he's too embarrassed to shower with the other guys. After the doctor's appointment, Bobby confesses to his parents and Hank pep talks that all guys must do it despite the case being sensitively uncomfortable. Booby tried but couldn't bring himself to it, and eventually lied to his dad. On the day of the bull event, Bobby confesses the truth in hopes for Hank to forfeit cause of his weakened state. But a determined Hank (upset at the lack of integrity shown by his family) bravely does so, leaving inspired to try again.

Stinger Quote

  • Hank: "Got Dang It, I'm out of clean socks! Got Dang It!!"



  • The title of the episode is an obvious parody of Marvel superhero "The Incredible Hulk".

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