The Fire Ants appear in the episode "King of the Ant Hill". They were secretly working for Dale as Dale wanted revenge because Hank refused his services just before Cinco de Mayo. Dale was secretly planting the Fire Ants strategically throughout the lawn, completely destroying Hank's lawn in the process. Hank and Peggy tried using eco-kill, but Dale released all of the Phorid Flies at night. Eventually, Hank's lawn now became a wasteland. Bobby and Joseph discovered the Queen ant, and her workers coming in and out of their nest, and Bobby captured a jar full. Days went by, with Bobby feeding them a sugar diet, and becoming hypnotized by the Queen's powerful pheromones. The Queen demanded Bobby set her and her colony free, and Bobby was hesitant, at first, but complied with the Queens orders. Peggy went on over to The Gribbles' house, but discovered that Dale was the one behind sabotaging Hank's lawn. After Peggy told Hank about Dale's plan, Hank angrily chased Dale until he saw Bobby covered in fire ants. Dale allowed all of the fire ants to crawl onto him, and then the fire ants all stung him, and left Dale's now limp body.

King of the Ant Hill

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