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"The Fat and the Furious" is the 128th episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on November 10, 2002. The episode was written by Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck, and directed by Allan Jacobsen. The episode guest stars Jeff GarlinPamela Anderson, and Kid Rock who plays himself. The title is a parody of the movie franchise "The Fast and the Furious".


Bill rapidly devours Hank's entire plate of hot dogs during a barbecue, which impresses Bobby, much to Peggy's horror. Peggy manages to get a woman to go out with Bill on a couples date, but he disgusts her with his fast eating habits. However, a woman in the restaurant named Cyndi introduces herself as a groupie for professional competitive eating, and encourages Bill to join a local hotdog eating contest. At a party in McMaynerbury, Bill meets others with his talent, including the host Dan Vasti, Japanese champion Nozawa, the "Laotion Commotion" Irrawaddy, and celebrity fan Kid Rock. Hank, not wanting the US to be behind Japan in any sport, encourages Bill to win the Mustard Yellow Belt for his country.

Peggy tries her best to keep Bobby from becoming interested in competitive eating by distracting him whenever Bill is around. During training, Dale mocks Bill for his ability as Kahn roots for Irrawaddy. During the contest, Dale continues to taunt Bill, going so far as to join in, eating 3 dogs at a time to qualify for the finals and steal Bill's spotlight. Disgruntled and jealous, Bill tries to sabotage Dale by offering him muffins to fill him up before the competition. Dale breaks down and reveals that in 5th grade, he was socially awkward but discovered he could get attention by eating insects. Soon however he realized that the other kids were just mocking him as a freak, and his anger towards Bill stems from his desire to see Bill respect himself.

During the finals, it's a race between Bill and Irrawaddy, until Bill looks to the crowd and realizes that Dale was right, and they only view him as a spectacle. Hank reluctantly realizes that his friend's pride is more important than the contest, and Bill walks away to leave Irrawaddy as the champion. As they drive home, Bill reveals that he didn't even get to sleep with Cyndi, as he was saving it for a celebration of his victory.


Stinger quote

  • Nozawa: You don't know who you're messing with!


  • HANK: It's nice for Bill to finally have something he's good at. Might give him a reason to live and whatnot.
  • CYNDI: You know, Bill, the last big American to win the Mustard Yellow Belt was Steve Kiner in '99. Since then, all the hot dog eating competitions have been won by skinny Japanese guys. But I still believe in the big man.
  • HANK: Wait a minute, America isn't the hot dog champion? How could you let that happen? This whole nation is stuffing its face! Can't one of us do it at record speed?
  • DALE: All hail the Great American fat-ass! A lonely pig gorging himself on the lips and anuses of his own brethren!
  • DALE: Just because you have their attention, it doesn't mean you have their respect.
  • BILL (in church): Why? Tell me! Why give me a great gift, only to snatch it away? What did I do? Huh? Did I ask for too much? Did I fly too close to the sun on my beautiful hot dog wings? Why do you like Dale better? I hate you! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean that. Please, help me eat more hot dogs than Dale!
  • HANK: Are you an eater?
  • IRRAWADDY: Yes, Laotian noodle champion. I'm branching out into hot dogs.
  • HANK: No kidding? My neighbor's Laotian. You know a guy named Kahn?


  • During Bill's realization of people making fun of him, a woman says "What a Freak!", and at the mark, the closed caption said "no audio."


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