The Emus

The Emus that Hank is supposed to kill in Fun with Jane and Jane

The Emus made their appearance in "Fun with Jane and Jane". Buck came from his office and requested Hank to kill off The Emus as Buck was involved in a pyramid scheme that had him purchase a farm and is seeking money from his insurance company to reclaim the money he lost in the start. Hank was accompanied by Dale, Bill and Boomhauer at the ranch, armed and ready to kill off The Emus. But after feeding and admiring The Emus, the group cannot proceed, leaving Dale wanting and unwilling to kill The Emus. At night, Hank also stopped by at Buck's home and told him The Emus are killed, showing feathers as proof. The next day, Hank and the group were driving around town with The Emus now hiding in Dale's van. After stopping to decide what to do, Bill has petted one of The Emus, but one of them deliberately kicked Bill in the stomach, then escaped. Dale, Hank and Boomhauer tried to stop the other three from escaping, but fail, leaving Hank to see that they were outsmarted. "Why does everything I love run away from me?" lamented Bill, holding onto emu feathers. "Because you have to pet everything like an idiot!" shouted Hank. The group was now forced to recapture The Emus before Buck found out they have lied about killing them. Later, Hank and Boomhauer end up capturing an emu and found Luanne, who is caught selling jams on the freeway with other members. Hank believed Luanne is drunk and selling jams for alcohol. Fortunately, Luanne is told to come home and stows away with the emu in the trunk. At home, Bobby accidentally let the emu out, saying "something big and feathery ran out." Hank had to go recapture the emu, while Bobby shouted "I said I wanted a pony!". Back in Strickland Propane, Hank was making calls and asking about The Emus, only to be told by Buck that the insurance company needed actual proof of the dead emus by bringing the carcasses to the company. With no choice left, Hank went to a butcher and requested 75 pounds of steak in order to convince Buck that he did kill the emus as requested. Later at night, Buck was opening his car, when from behind, he was attacked by The Emus that he wanted dead.


  • Despite portrayed as aggressive, Emus rarely attack humans.
  • The music at the end of the episode where Buck is being attacked by his emus is similar to the theme from the movie Jaws.
  • In the end credits, The Emus were in the alley.