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The Coven of Artemis is a group of teenagers and young adults that appears in the episode The Witches of East Arlen. The group is led by Ward Rackley, an employee at a local video store. The book that they get rituals and beliefs from is called The Forest of Magick, and their meetings are held at Ward's mother's house in the basement. Their rituals are held in the woods near the Tom Landry sports fields.  

Beliefs, Practices, Rituals


The Forest of Magick 

This book mentions how to summon supernatural things such as "woodnymphs and watersprites", the "tranquility spirit", and the "Prince of Dragons." Also Bobby had mentioned having to beware of the wrath of "Lude".  


The members of the Coven of Artemis believe they have been granted supernatural power. They were seen using a crystal necklace that they believed gave them miscellaneous and often trivial powers, such as having a table open up when they were going to eat at a packed pizza place. Ward refered to it as harnessing the energy of the crystal. 

"Harnessing the energy of the crystal."

Practices and Rituals

Ward told Bobby he needed to consume dog blood to be considered a "White Wizard". This may have simply been a prank as none of the other members volunteered when Ward was seeking a White Wizard, and Bobby did so after he saw nobody else did. Also, neither Ward nor the other members were willing to try their own rite of passage, and some of the other members even seemed that it would be a bad idea to subject a young child like Bobby to such ritual. Ward was clearly improvising the entire "ritual", as he thought a baseball diamond made the shape of a pentagram before he was corrected by Mitchell Jefferson.

Members of Coven of Artemis

  • Ward is the "high priest" 

    From left to right: Brother Vaughn, Noram Woodbender, Pan the Soothsayer, and Mitchell Jefferson.

    and "14th Level Sorcerer"
  • Noram Woodbender
  • Pan "The Soothsayer"
  • Mitchell Jefferson also as "The Master of Disaster"
  • Brother Vaughn


  • The Forest of Magick book Bobby had to purchase cost 45 dollars.
  • The group was able to obtain dog blood because the new boyfriend of Brother Vaughn's mom is a veterinarian.  
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