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"The Boy Can't Help It" is the 254th episode of King of the Hill. It first aired on September 13th, 2009.


With the Homecoming dance a few days away, Bobby and Joseph scramble to find dates. Joseph gets a “better–than-nothing” date, but Bobby faces an endless wave of rejection. He is observed by two older girls, who agree that he would make a good “project.” The two girls approach and begin to flirt with Bobby, and are joined by a third girl. All three think Bobby is “the cuteness.” At first Bobby doesn’t understand what these girls from the advanced class want from him, but soon the self-named “Bobby Buddies” have him (literally) eating out of their hands. He brings up the Homecoming dance; all three agree to be his date(s). Bobby has a date to go to the mall, but Hank is suspicious when he hears his son is going out with three college-prep girls.

The girls pick up Bobby for their mall-date; Hank is mortified when his son gets on the back of a girl’s bicycle. Hank tells Peggy that Bobby is being turned into a girl; she sees nothing wrong with a woman taking charge. Bobby is just happy for the attention, even if it means he has to dance like a monkey. At the mall Bobby wants to start discussing the details of the dance; the girls give Bobby a makeover. 

With only hours to go before the Homecoming dance, Bobby waits anxiously by the phone for the girls to call. Hank has had enough; he grounds Bobby and forbids him from going to the dance until he starts acting like a boy. The girls come to Bobby’s bedroom window, and convince him to sneak out. They say there is a party under the bleachers where the older kids hang out. Kahn informs Hank he saw Bobby leave with the girls, and that they were going under the bleachers; noting that this is where kids-at-risk gather, Hank jumps in his truck.

Bobby and the girls arrive at the football-field bleachers; it isn’t nearly as glamorous as anticipated. Bobby wants to go to the dance. Under the bleachers the girls wonder where all the guys are. Bobby doesn’t understand. He says he thought he was their guy; they say he’s cute, but he’s not boyfriend material… he’s more like a stuffed animal. He walks away dejected; Hank finds him, and they start to leave until Bobby sees “his girls” getting hassled by some older boys. Despite Hank’s protests, Bobby intervenes on the girls’ behalf, and gets the guys to go away. As they walk away Hank says he is proud of Bobby; he tells his son that one day a girl will appreciate him. Bobby says he hopes she doesn’t keep him waiting too long. Hank breaks the news: “women will always keep you waiting.”

In the subplot, Hank and the guys realize they've run out of projects, then they see local homeless man “Spongy” making his recycling rounds. They admire Spongy’s four-shopping-cart train, which he steers with a complex system of ropes. Inspired by this, they decide to create their shopping-cart train. It works, but Dale notes that it’s not much to look at; they decide to “gussy it up.” Hank and the guys complete the “Ultimate Homeless-Guy Shopping Cart,” which includes a power generator and television. Bill, Boomhauer, and Dale decide to give the cart to Spongy. When they offer him the cart, he rejects it, stating it would draw too much attention to him… but takes their tarp. Exhausted by their trek, Dale and the others join the homeless guys in a meal of stir-fry cat food.


Stinger Quote

  • Bully: "Why you hitting yourself, sucker?"


  • The title is possibly a reference to the Journey song "The Girl Can't Help It."


  • Hank: "Well, I know these girls don't appreciate you, but one day there'll be a girl who will." Bobby: "I hope she doesn't keep me waiting too long." Hank: "Bobby, women will always keep you waiting."


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