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Ted Wassanasong, husband of Cindy Wassanasong and father of Chane Wassanasong, is an affluent Laotian-American who both Kahn and Minh admire and envy. He is a high member of the Nine Rivers Country Club and a member of the Arlen booster club.

In season 10's Orange You Sad I Did Say Banana? it is revealed that Ted's purpose for accumulating wealth and political influence is to assist rebel groups dedicated to overthrowing the Communist government of Laos.


While the Souphanousinphone family are a typical middle class family in which instills similar qualities of an Asian-American family, the Wassanasongs are practically their counterpart. Ted, unlike Kahn, is wealthy and is well known among the Asian community in Arlen. While Kahn respects Ted, it is often shown that Ted has no interest in friendship with Kahn or the Souphanousinphone family. However, it is seen occassionally that Ted has some interest over the Hills, normally when it requires Ted or Cindy for a personal matter, such as selling pots or joining the PGA. Despite Ted's pride of being an Asian-American, as seen in Orange You Sad I Did Say Banana?, even as far as calling Kahn a "Banana", Ted lives a similar lifestyle to that of western Americans. Interestingly enough, he is not a Buddhist as Kahn is, but is a member of the Episcopal church in Arlen. It was later revealed that Ted joined the Episcopal Church not for personal or spiritual reasons, but as the best place to make connections.

The Souphanousinphone family often makes attempt to please or even impress Ted and Cindy, in order to be noticed in the Asian community or even to be members of the exclusive Nine Rivers Country Club, as Ted and Cindy are notable members. These plots end up with Kahn and Minh using expensive vanities, such as cuban cigars.

In "A Man Without a Country Club," Kahn reveals that Ted Wassanasong knows how to speak "Chinese" (Cantonese) as Kahn was unable interpret the conversation between Ted and Mr. Ho.

His son, Chane Wassanasong, is a somewhat smart yet boorish student at Tom Landry Middle School, who often bullies Bobby and attempts to date Connie. For this reason, particularly to have his son to marry a Laotian, as seen in Naked Ambition, he has a small relationship with the Souphanousinphone family, but his wife has not shown any endorsement of Chane's interest in Connie. In fact in the episode "A Man Without a Country Club" Cindy mentions to Ted that they have actually forbidden Chane from dating Connie.


  • Ted is bilingual, being able to speak in English and in Chinese (shown when he talked to Mr. Ho).
  • The design of Ted may refer to Li Ka Shing, a famous real estate tycoon in Hong Kong.


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