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Tasha is a medical student who appears only in Hank's Unmentionable Problem at the Heimlich County Medical Center.

When Hank continually suffers from constipation, Peggy, persuades him to go to the doctor, where Dr. Morley, a proctologist, decides to preform a sigmoidoscopy when he learns of Hank's abnormal bowel movements.

As Hank prepares to have his sigmoidoscopy, Tasha enters the room, and Dr. Morley explains that she's a medical student, and that she's there to observe the examination.

Bobby enters the room as Hank's procedure is about to begin and says that he's hungry. Upon seeing Hank, Bobby becomes alarmed, and asks Peggy what they're doing to him. Hank, now humiliated and embarrassed, yells at Bobby, insisting that he leave, whereupon Dr. Morley explains that he should stay, and that when a family faces an illness, all members should be involved because they're his get-well team.

Dr. Morley tells Tasha that she may begin the procedure, and Dr. Morley monitors Hank's colon. During Hank's sigmoidoscopy, Tasha asks Hank to relax his buttocks.

During the lengthy procedure, Peggy yawns and Dr. Morley asks her how she's holding up, and she says that she's just a little uncomfortable for sitting so long. Dr Morley stretches, and says that it's time for a five minute brake, whereupon Peggy, Dr. Morley and Tasha start doing various stretches and exercises, resulting in Hank feeling even more humiliated and degraded.