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Taqueria Mexico Restaurant & Bar is a Mexican restaurant located in Arlen. It was shown in the episode Lady and Gentrification which Hank comments that they have the best fish tacos until "artists" or "hipsters" who moved into the area starting putting salmon in the fish tacos.


Lady and Gentrification

In the episode Lady and Gentrification, Enrique and Hank have a meal in the restaurant with Hank telling Enrique how he has a good daughter, Inez. Hank than comments that the restaurant has the best fish tacos, and made him like drinking horchata. Then a group of "artist" or "hipster" guys comes in the restaurant which Enrique doesn't like, and changes the music in the restaurant which then Hank stops the music, then gets confronted by them which Enrique than says that Hank is with him, which Enrique finds weird that those guys knows Enrique but Enrique doesn't know them. Later in the episode, Enrique drives to the alley, and tells Hank that the "artists" or "hipsters" starting putting salmon in the fish tacos which are ruining everything.