Smokey's Cafe is a cafe located in Arlen that allows smoking and has a dining room that is non-smoking with live music and a bar. It also has a separate dining room with smoking allowed. The owner of the restaurant is Smokey who passed away likely due to smoking, but the hostess said it's all for the best because the last few years of his life according to her, "it spread to his bones." likely indicating cancer as a result of his death. It was shown in the episode Keeping Up With Our Joneses.


Keeping Up With Our Joneses

In the episode "Keeping Up With Our Joneses," Hank and Peggy start smoking cigarettes again, and they have a meal at the restaurant which they used to go to when they were still smoking. When Hank and Peggy walked in the restaurant, Hank mentions that the restaurant hasn't changed, and Peggy would love to see the owner Smokey, which the hostess said that he is no longer with us, but that it's for the best due to the last few years of his life, when according to the hostess, "it spread to his bones." likely indicating his death as a result of cancer. The hostess then asks them smoking or non-smoking, which they chose smoking, and when they walked in to the smoking dining room, they can see the smoke in the air, and the diners coughing


The hostess at Smokey's Cafe


Hank and Peggy in smoking dining room


The live music at Smokey's Cafe


The hostess taking Hank and Peggy to their table

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