Small Claims Judge
Small Claims Judge
Name Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age Deceased
Job Small Claims Judge
Relatives Unknown
First appearance Hank's Dirty Laundry
Voiced by Lynne Thigpen

The small claims judge oversees small claims court in Heimlich County. She is voiced by Lynne Thigpen.


Little is known about the judge, including her name. She appears in the Season 2 episode Hank's Dirty Laundry. In this episode, she oversees Hank's claim against Arlen Video regarding a pornography video rented under his name. After Hank proves he couldn't have rented the tape due it not having been released yet, she rules in favor of Hank and order Arlen Video to remove the late fee. She also has the court add to the record "Hank Hill really knows his pornography."

The judge is never seen or mentioned in the series again after this episode.

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