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Shelly is a girl who approaches Bobby at the end of the season 12 episodeBobby Rae. Unlike Olivia she likes the energy bars and recognizes how they provided energy for their long march.

She kneels on pavement and helps Bobby clean trash from the parking lot of Strickland Propane after Bobby affirms he needs help after she asked him.

She recognized Bobby by name, and Bobby instantly recognized her and addressed her by name after she spoke to him.

Shelly has a balanced view of the energy bars, reocgnizing they may not be healthy. After Bobby and she exchange ideas on writing a letter/petition she appears to accept Bobby's offer to go see a movie together, after he posits the possibility and she replies "I like movies."


It is not clear who voiced her since the end credits do not list character names next to actors. The two female actors mentioned in the "Also Starring" lists were Rini Bell (who voiced Olivia) and Lauren Tom (who voices Connie) so it might possibly have been one of them.