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Serena Shaw is a girl that only appeared in the episode "Get Your Freak Off". She is the voiced of The Fifth Element and Resident Evil film series star Milla Jovovich.


She is a snooty, shallow, and stereotypicaly "cool" girl, who took control over Jordan's slumber party. She forced all of the kids at the party to play "Seven Minutes in Heaven". In the game, she was the first person to play, with Dooley as her partner. After the seven minutes went by, he was seen freaked out with his shirt off and wearing one of the coats from the closet. She picked the next couple, Bobby and Jordan, presumably out of a hat, but it was most likely rigged, as she stated to Bobby, "I'm going to make sure that you and Jordan have a lot of fun tonight." The game was ended by Hank, who took complete control over the party, having the kids play pin the donkey instead. She was selected by Hank to pin the tail, but in the end, humiliated herself.

Episode Appearance

Season 7

  1. Get Your Freak Off