The tenth season of King of the Hill premiered on Sunday, September 18, 2005. The season was broadcasted Sundays on FOX during the 7:30-8:00 p.m. time slot. The Region 1 DVD was released on April 17, 2015.

A hilarious slice of middle-class life in small-town America, "King of the Hill" has become one of the most beloved and long-running prime-time animated series in television history. Outrageously funny, but remarkably truthful, the series follows the exploits of propane salesman Hank Hill (Mike Judge) as he reigns over a family of underachievers, a group of beer-guzzling friends, and the every day challenges of life in Arlen, Texas.


Episode Image Title Episode Number Prodno. Original Airdate
132028 "Hank's On Board" 10x01 9ABE14 September 18, 2005
132029 "Bystand Me" 10x02 8ABE21 September 25, 2005
132030 "Bill's House" 10x03 9ABE15 November 6, 2005
132031 "Harlottown" 10x04 9ABE04 November 20, 2005
132032 "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Clown" 10x05 9ABE16 December 4, 2005
132033 "Orange You Sad I Did Say Banana?" 10x06 9ABE11 December 11, 2005
132034 "You Gotta Believe (In Moderation)" 10x07 9ABE17 January 29, 2006
On-a-bike "Business Is Picking Up" 10x08 9ABE18 March 19, 2006
132036 "The Year of Washing Dangerously" 10x09 9ABE20 March 26, 2006
132037 "Hank Fixes Everything" 10x10 9ABE21 April 2, 2006
132038 "Church Hopping" 10x11 9ABE22 April 9, 2006
132039 "24 Hour Propane People" 10x12 AABE01 April 23, 2006
132040 "The Texas Panhandler" 10x13 AABE02 April 30, 2006
132041 "Hank's Bully" 10x14 AABE03 May 7, 2006
315383 "Edu-macating Lucky" 10x15 AABE04 May 14, 2006