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Sally is a character that is fascinated with gnomes.


Sally jogs near the Hill's house, but stops when she notices Winklebottom. She starts describing the gnome and sees that it is 1932 original. She gives Peggy a tip that Winklebottom should be facing North as that is where gnomes are more likely to find tree saps which is how they make their delicious gnome teas. Peggy joins Sally as she continues her jog as she tells her that she'll lose herself in the message boards learning about gnome lore. She asks Peggy if she is into Babylon 5.

When Winklebottom goes missing she immediately goes and calls the police. It is interesting to note that when she noticed that it was missing she asked them "what happened to OUR Winklebottom." Hank tries talking her out of calling the police but tells him that he's too upset to think right now. She refers to herself as Aunt Sally at this point while dialing the police. She is last seen outside the Hill house as they give a report to a policeman on the missing gnome.