The 1965 Ford Mustang nickname "Ms. Sally" was a car owned by Jeff Boomhauer in High School.


The mustang after 20 years underwater

One night when he was out on a date Hank, Dale, and Bill took it for a joy ride. Dale, not knowing how to drive stick accidently drove it into the quarry as "Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartney played on the radio. Boomhauer was led to believe a "bunch of yankees" stole his car and believed it for almost 20 years. When the city made plans to turn the quarry into a dump Hank pretended to be put of Bobby's environment group to cover up removing the car as it still had their high school lettermen jackets in it. When Bobby found out what his father was up to he called Boomhauer and was reunited with his missing car. Hank showed his old lettermen to him admitted that he took the car as a prank and kept it secret. Dale and Bill hid their jackets and acted like they had nothing to do with it. When Dale and Bill asked for a ride home Boomhauer saw through their lies and told them "you drove it here so you drive it back". Dale and Bill attempt to drive Ms. Sally home but it wouldn't start after 20 years underwater. Boomhauer chose to not hold it against Hank (who admit his mistake) and let it go.
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