Roger "Booda" Sack
Booda Sack
Name Roger Sack
Gender Male
Age Deceased
Job stand-up comedian, employee
First appearance Traffic Jam
Voiced by Chris Rock (1998)
Phil LaMarr (2003-2008)

Roger "Booda" Sack is a character in King of the Hill. In his first appearance, "Traffic Jam", he was a stand-up comedian who taught defensive driving. He soon became an employee at Strickland Propane since the end of his debut episode from then on. He was originally voiced by Chris Rock in his debut episode, in later appearances, he's voiced by Phil LaMarr.


When he first appeared, Roger, known as "Booda Sack", was teaching at "Defensive Driving School" in "Traffic Jam".Everyone thought it was funny, except for Hank as he was shocked and embarrassed by the content in Booda's jokes. As it turned out, Bobby was a huge fan of Booda. To show that his comedy wasn't funny, Hank brought Bobby to the class. The plan backfired, as Bobby was brought on stage and Booda began to make jokes aimed at Hank. One night, Bobby went to Booda's comedy club to perform some comedy in Booda's style. However, he gets a negative response from the crowd due to him getting his material from a white supremacist website. As Hank comes to stop Bobby, Booda comes to the rescue. Because of Hank complaining about Booda's jokes to the latter's manager, Booda lost his job and got a new one at Strickland Propane. The episode ends with Hank and Booda, now called by his real name "Roger", having a "Yo Mama" fight (Hank's Yo mama jokes end up being lame).



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