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Rick is an assistant football coach at Tom Landry Middle School. He appears in the episodes "I Never Promised You an Organic Garden" and "Cheer Factor."


Rick is a middle-aged man with a skinny build. He has brown hair with a mullet in the back and partial balding in the front. He wears a blue vest with his school's letters and a light blue polo shirt underneath.


Rick has a tendency to shout at his players and making remarks while doing so. He speaks calmly and then shouts taunts at the football players, and he is very enthusiastic about the sport.


In his younger days, Rick used to play tennis and at some point became a football coach. In season 7, Peggy and Bobby show their produce from the organic garden to the football coaches, including Rick, who praises them. A day later, the produce in the garden is dirtied by pests, and Rick is disgusted at the tasteless produce. As the organic garden is later closed due to Peggy using pesticides, Rick has the football team push their blocking sleds to the garden to store them there. Hank obstructs them from doing so, telling Rick that he used to be a blocker in his football days. Hank mocks Rick's tennis-playing past, and Rick and the other coaches begrudgingly let the garden team continue their last session.

In season 8, he briefly appears in "Cheer Factor" alongside Carl Moss and other football advisors while a football game between Tom Landry Middle School and a rival school occurs.