Benhank 72
Name Rich
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age Deceased
Job Former Propane Salesman
First appearance "That's What She Said"
Voiced by Ben Stiller

Rich was a new worker for Strickland Propane and the one-shot character Travis's replacement in "That's What She Said". He was a worker at Taco Bueno prior to becoming a Strickland worker. Soon after getting the job, he starts making inappropriate jokes with Donna, Enrique, and Joe Jack. Hank loses his temper and gets Mr. Strickland to talk to Rich, but Hank is shocked when the former thinks Rich's jokes are hilarious. Hank tries to get Enrique to charge Rich with male-on-male sexual harrassment but fails. The others first tell Hank to lighten up as they like Rich's humor, but they soon grow tired of the constant vulgarity or pranks such as Enrique's wedding picture being defaced. Hank and the others give Buck an ultimatum, either they all quit or Rich goes. Rich is fired by Buck and is never seen again in the series, and it is some time before Travis' vacancy is filled. He is voiced by Ben Stiller.


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