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"Reborn to Be Wild" is the one hundred-fifty-first episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on November 9, 2003. The episode was written by Tony Gama-Lobo and Rebecca May, and directed by Dominic Polcino.


Bobby joins a religious group that mixes Christianity with rock music, which Hank does not like, as he feels it cheapens religion's messages. Meanwhile, Hank's friends and Kahn start a club called "The Last Meal Club", where they come up with various meals they would like to eat before they die.


In the alley, Dale is complaining that he had eggs for breakfast while inmates on death row basically feast like kings for their last meal. The conversation is abruptly halted when loud music comes from the house. Knowing the music is Bobby's doing, Hank charges into Bobby's room and is shocked to see his son playing air guitar while head banging and wearing a dreadlock wig. Hank turns the music off and learns that Bobby has once again fallen under the influence of another trend and celebrity. When Peggy appears and reveals she supports Bobby's latest interest, Hank puts his foot down and refuses to allow Bobby to continue his new interest.

Hank takes Bobby to Reverend Stroup who informs him of a youth group that may interest him. Bobby naturally tries to get out of it by claiming the youth group taking place after school would interfere if he joined a sport club. Hank does not buy his son's story, however, and assures Stroup that Bobby will attend the youth group.

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Bobby is later dropped off at the Arlen Community Center where he notices skateboarders around the corner. When he gets a closer look, he is soon surrounded by the teens who are quickly revealed to be part of the youth group under the guidance of fellow skateboarder Pastor K. In the alley, Dale is going over final meals of inmates with Bill and Boomhauer when Hank arrives shortly before Bobby does. Bobby, now sporting a more positive attitude, thanks Hank for making him attend the youth group.

That evening, Hank hears a disturbance outside and is horrified to find the members of Bobby's youth group using trash cans to use for tricks. Hank heads inside and informs Peggy of Bobby's youth group. Peggy is not bothered by this since she would rather have Bobby in a good "gang" than a bad one. During dinner, Bobby leads the prayer but uses rock style words and phrasing that Hank does not approve of. During the next group meeting, Bobby continues to fall deeper under Pastor K's influence and begins trying to learn to skateboard at home. When Hank pulls Bobby away due to not liking his clothing, the guys begin making plans to have a dinner party featuring what they would like as their last meals.

In the dinning room, Bobby and Luanne are going over the Bible when Bobby mentions how he hopes to join in the upcoming Messiahfest but is fearful Hank will keep him from attending. During the next group meeting, Pastor K invites Bobby to join him on stage during Messiahfest but Bobby shows hesitation at accepting. At home, Bobby shows Hank a religious drawing that he states will one day be his tattoo. Hank becomes angered at the idea of Bobby getting a tattoo, but Bobby does not take him seriously as he thinks Hank is testing him.

At Pink & White, the guys have a cart full of food to use for their meals when they run into Kahn, who takes an interest in their plan and joins them. Hank later finds Pastor K and demands that he stay away from Bobby since he does not approve of this style of worshiping. However, Pastor K does not give in to his demands and states that Hank's version of worshiping is not the only way to worship. Hank waves off his response and warns him to stay away from his son.

At the house, Hank interrupts Bobby playing a game with Peggy to demand Bobby stop his sudden overenthusiasm in religion and that he will no longer be allowed around Pastor K. He then removes Bobby's beanie hat and spots a cross earring on his left ear. Both Hank and Peggy are upset at this and ground Bobby. Despite his grounding, Bobby decides to sneak off and head to Messiahfest. However, it is not long until Hank discovers he is missing.

At Boomhauer's house, the men have their meals ready to eat but soon become hesitant to start when Dale gets carried away in setting the "last meal before death" atmosphere. The fear soon overtakes their senses and causes everyone but Bill to run away in fear. Riddled by fear, Bill starts eating everything before him.

Hank hurries down to Messiahfest and spots Bobby singing on stage. He goes over and drags Bobby off with Pastor K following after. As they argue, Pastor K's father arrives and hears why Hank disrupted the show. To Hank's surprise, the man takes his side by reminding Pastor K that he has forgotten the fifth commandment: Honor thy father and thy mother. He tells his son that he should not come between a father and his child and should accept and respect others' ways of worshiping. The two fathers part ways on friendly terms.

When they get home, Hank shows Bobby a box containing all of his past trends and interests. Bobby remarks how he now finds the interests lame but Hank points out how he previously thought they were great until he quickly lost interest in the trends and does not want his love for the Lord to end up in the box as well. Bobby comes to understand what Hank means and agrees to slow down.


Stinger Quote[]

  • Pastor K: "AMEN!"


  • Dale: (Begins to panic and wants to leave) "Save yourselves!"
  • Hank: "How many Footprints posters does a kid need?"
  • Hank: "I never thought that Members Only jacket would go out of style, but it did."


  • The episode title is a reference to the Steppenwolf song "Born To Be Wild".
  • Gene Simmons and the four members (Deryck Whibley, Dave Baksh, Jason "Cone" McCaslin and Steve Jocz) of the Canadian rock band Sum 41 guest star in this episode.
  • Bobby's Bean Bag Buddy is an allusion to the real-life Beanie Babies by Ty Inc., which were very popular in the 90s.
  • The song Bobby is headbanging to is called "Goin' Off" performed by ¡Laughing Us!


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