Ray Holiday is the former owner owner of Layaway Ray's Bait N' Tackle and a good friend of Hank.


Ray speeding off after lighting his store on fire for insurance claims.

Ray was first introduced in "Jumpin' Crack Bass (It's a Gas, Gas, Gas)" when Hank went to his tackle shop to buy some manufactured bait after the worms failed him. While he and Hank were chatting, Ray secretly poured charcoal lighter in the store when his business was down due to to the new Mega Lo Mart in Arlen. After he and Hank left the shop, he blew up the store. Later in the episode, he appears again in small claims court, turns out he tried to collect the insurance money but was found out afterwards. He later appears in the two-part episode "Propane Boom," where he is working at the tackle shop at Mega Lo Mart.

Ray is seen in the episode Mega-Lo-Dale doing jumping jacks alongside other mega-lo employees in the beginning of the episode as Hank and the store manager are walking in.

Ray is voiced by Stephen Root. Also known as Milton from the Mike Judge film, "Office Space" in which he also burns down a building, albeit not for insurance money.

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