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Ray Holiday is the former owner of Layaway Ray's Bait N' Tackle who now works at the local Mega Lo Mart's tackle shop. He is a good friend of Hank.


Ray is a middle-aged man with black hair. He has a cleft chin and is seen wearing a blue shirt with dark overalls and a wristwatch.


Ray is first introduced in "Jumpin' Crack Bass (It's a Gas, Gas, Gas)" when Hank went to his tackle shop to buy some manufactured bait after the worms failed him. Hank would frequently go to the Layaway Ray's Bait N' Tackle to buy fishing rods and fishing reels, but, until this point in time, would never buy bait; Ray was even familiar with Hank's obsession with using only worms and was in shock that Hank had "given up the worm." When Hank enters the store, it revealed to be low on supplies and going out of business due to Ray's inability to compete with the Arlen Mega Lo Mart, and Ray could only offer inferior bait such as salmon eggs, marshmallow bait, and blood dough balls. He referred Hank to an unschooled man named Jack who sold fishing bait from his truck. While he and Hank were chatting, Ray secretly poured charcoal lighter across the store's floor. After he and Hank left the shop, Ray lit a match, threw it on the ground and blew up his soon-to-be former store. Later in the episode, he appears again in Judge Roland McFarland's court room at the Arlen County Court for a case called "Fidelity Mutual Insurance Vs Layaway Ray's Bait Shop," as it turns out he tried to collect the insurance money but was found out afterwards.

He later appears in the two-part episode "Propane Boom," where he is working at the tackle shop at Mega Lo Mart. Loathing his job at the Mega Lo Mart, Ray joins Hank-who got a job at the Mega-Lo-Mart after it temporarily put Strickland Propane out of business- and two others in an attempted mutiny at a Chuck Mangione concert. Ray enthusiastically compares the mutiny to the rebellion of "Queer Nation." However, the Mega-Lo-Mart exploded due to a propane gas leak before the mutiny could get great attention, and only Hank would get his old job back.


Ray later appears briefly in the episode "Pretty, Pretty Dresses" attending Hank's Christmas party. He is also seen in the episode "Megalo Dale" doing jumping jacks alongside other Mega-Lo-Mart employees in the beginning of the episode as Hank and the store manager are walking in.