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Randy Miller is a student at Arlen High and the son of Eustice Miller. He was a minor recurring character in the earlier episodes, often seen with Bobby and Joseph.


Randy was a very awkward, nerdy boy who was a strict stickler for rules, openly calling attention to those who broke them. Neither Bobby, Joseph, nor Connie were very fond of him and in return he often tattled on them, though he would often end up getting hurt in return.

Eventually he faded into the background. He returned in two later episodes, the first being "Talking Shop", in which he is bullied by Dooley, and the second being "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Clown", in which he tells Bobby that it's his turn to perform on stage for the talent show. In these appearances he is noticeably taller and has a deeper scratchier voice, having gone through puberty.

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