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Professor John Lerner was an archaeologist that had an archaeological dig at the Hills’ house.


Professor John Lerner teaches at Arlen University in Anthropology. Hanks pays him a visit after one of his classes when he found some old Native American artifacts in his backyard. He tells Hank that these artifacts are worthless, offering to give him $10 for them. Once Hank leaves, he quickly puts the artifacts in plastic baggies, revealing that the artifacts are very valuable. The next day, he arrives at the Hill residenc, and bumps into Peggy, who he convinces to let him to dig in their backyard. From the start, he manipulates Peggy by acting that she is special. The following day, Lerner brings his class to start digging in the Hills' backyard. Hank threatens to sue him and his class for digging, but Lerner has the proper paperwork to dig there since Peggy signed it. While uncovering a ceramic bowl, Peggy shows up, irritating him to leave his spot. Peggy is still fascinated with Lerner prompting her to invite him to dinner. Peggy later invites one of the classes she is substituting for to dig in the class with Lerner present. Stadium lights are set up in the backyard just in case Lerner wants to dig at night.

After seeing that Lerner has given Peggy a bracelet, Hank becomes jealous of him. Hank comes up with a plan to discredit Lerner, which he hopes will cause Peggy to stop listening to him. He creates a fake artifact out of chicken bones and buries it at the digging site. Hank's plan fails, though, as Hank inadvertently gives hints that he is up to something. Unfortunately, Peggy is the one that found the artifacts,which causes Lerner and the class to ridicule her for not being a real archaeologist. After Hank reveals his jealously to Peggy, she takes off the bracelet and embraces him in a hug. Lerner starts laughing, remarking that it sounded like he could have slept with Peggy all because she fell for him after giving her a bracelet. Hank angrily throws him into the digging site four times, followed by Peggy and Bobby.


He received his PhD from the University of Chicago where he attended for three years.