Pops Popacito
ScreenHunter 02 Dec. 18 19.05
Name Pops Popacito
Gender Male
Hair Gray
Age Deceased
Job Retired
Relatives Unknown
First appearance The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteburg
Voiced by Jim Cummings

Ted Popacito, or better known as Pops, was Bill Dautrive's elderly neighbor. He infrequently appeared, his first appearance being in Season 2 episode The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteburg. He suffered a fatal heart attack in the Season 4 Movin' On Up. Pops was voiced by veteran voice actor Jim Cummings, who also voiced Topsy.


As a very minor character, nearly nothing is known about Pops. Cotton and Topsy seem to know Pops, suggesting he is a World War II veteran. In his first appearance, he was acting like a stereotypical cranky old man, remarking to his adult neighbors about how lazy today's youth is (substituting a leaf blower for a rake, specifically). He also had a pet dauchshund.

He revealed that his unruly neighbor, Cane Skretteburg , had been harassing him for weeks, prompting the men to prank Cane by setting a bag of dog poop ablaze on his front doorstep.

In "Movin' on Up," Pops suffers a heart attack while mowing the lawn, crashing his ride-on mower into a fence. Hank and his friends planned to lease Pops' house as their clubhouse and are surprised to learn that he had a swimming pool. Luanne Platter ended up leasing the house with a group of obnoxious roommates.

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