Pick-Up Truck Heaven is a car dealership in West Durndell that specializes in pick-up trucks. In Chasing Bobby, Bobby finds out about them from their advertisement in The Arlen Bystander

Upon arrival at Pick-Up Truck Heaven, Hank and Bobby are greeted by Marty Mendez, Salesman of the Month, March '98, who recommends to Hank that he buy a new truck. Hank, having been under the impression that Pick-Up Truck Heaven specialized in auto repair, leaves in frustration. Later, on the drive home, Hank's truck breaks down on some train tracks, and ends up getting rammed by the train, resulting in it being destroyed. Hank, blaming the train driver for the loss of the truck, walks back to the dealership to use a phone and asks Bobby to wait on a bench.

While at the dealership, Hank notices that Bobby is gone, and learns that Bobby decided to walk home, being upset that Hank blamed him for spilt oil stain on the floor of his garage. Hank, in a desperate attempt to locate Bobby, pretends to be interested in making a purchase, and tells Marty Mendez that he would like to test-drive a truck. As Hank begins driving around, looking for Bobby, he ends up liking the truck.

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