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Peggy Donovan is Peggy Hill's rival in the episode "Old Glory." She is voiced by Heather Locklear.


In season 4, Donovan has just come back to substitute teaching after a 3 year absence where she was getting a Master's Degree. Bobby is failing her English class which Peggy assumes is because Donovan has a grudge against her for getting a better parking spot. Finding it difficult to come up with an assignment topic for the class Bobby gets inspired to write about the American Flag. However, he has difficulty writing and Peggy ends up writing the entire assignment for him. Donovan finds out that Peggy wrote it and expects an apology from Peggy at the school's pep rally, however, her plan is foiled when Principal Moss mistakes Bobby's speech for the real essay. 

Episode appearances

Season 4

Season 5

  • Chasing Bobby (Mentioned in Bobby's story about homework, she is not actually seen)