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Peggy's Gone to Pots is the two hundred-tenth episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on May 6, 2007. The episode was written by Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh, and directed by Robin Brigstocke.


Peggy is invited to the Wassanasong's house for the purpose of showing the house off for a potential sale. However, the invitation is actually a sales plot by Ted Wassanasong's wife, Cindy, to sell some kitchen appliances from Cozy Kitchens. Cindy ends up convincing Peggy to take over her contract with Cozy Kitchens and Peggy begins giving out free samples. Soon after, Judy, a representative from Cozy Kitchens ends up visiting Peggy and explaining to her how the contract is more serious than she realizes. Reading the contract, Peggy realizes she's required to sell so much inventory a month or has to pay Cozy Kitchens herself. Peggy ends up visiting the Wassanasong's by climbing over their fence, and they explain to Peggy that they just used her to get out of their contract with Cozy Kitchens and had no interest in selling their house. Peggy, along with Dale, comes up with a plan to get out of her contract. She stages a fake explosion death with Dale, but the hoax is disovered. However, the Cozy Kitchen's reprsentative allows Peggy out of her contract by agreeing to pretend she died in the explosion as well.

Meanwhile, it is discovered that Dale's fake identity for years, Rusty Shackleford, actually never died, but instead just moved away when the boys were young. Rusty ends up paying Dale a visit due to Dale continuously causing problems in his life by using his identity. After his staged fake death with Peggy, Rusty has Dale sign a form freeing him from all the trouble Dale has caused him over the years.

Stinger Quote

  • Cindy Wassanasong: "They have Motorboats, Peggy."
  • Ted: "Motorboats."


  • In this episode we learn the names of two neighborhoods in Arlen: the upscale Arlen Heights, a gated community where the Wassonasong's live, and the slummy Belcher's Grove, where most of Peggy's real-estate deals take place.
  • The real Rusty Shackleford reveals that Dale has been smoking Manitoba brand cigarettes since he was in 3rd grade, indicating that Dale has either been smoking since the 3rd grade, or that he smoked a different brand prior to the 3rd grade.
  • The Dummy Peggy had to use for her fake death had socks on. It might be a reference to season 1 where Peggy used to wear socks on her loafers until in season 2 where she abandoned them.

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