Orange You Sad I Did Say Banana?
Season 10, Episode 06
Air date December 11, 2005
Written by Dan Sterling
Directed by Adam Kuhlman
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Orange You Sad I Did Say Banana? is the one hundred-ninety-second episode of King of the Hill. It was aired first on December 11, 2005. The episode was written by Dan Sterling, and directed by Adam Kuhlman.


Kahn has longed for a pool, and Hank and the guys agree to build it in exchange for property rights on the pool (being able to use it whenever they want). Meanwhile, Ted is celebrating Makka Puja, a Laotian holiday where they show concern for the less fortunate, which Kahn knew nothing about. Upon being told by Ted Wassanasong that he is too Americanized and that his residence has no Laotian artifacts, Kahn vows to return to his Laotian roots. Although Minh agrees Connie needs to understand her Laotian bloodlines, soon the attempt at duplicating the austerity of Laos makes everyone miserable. This also spills over into Hank's problems as Kahn fills the pool with lillipads, rendering it unswimmable. Things go too far when Ted enlists Khan in a guerrilla squad with designs on being air-lifted back to Laos, however he begins to feel doubt on the possibility of it being fruitless. Minh manages to bring Kahn back to his senses when she reminds him why the Souphanouaphones emigrated to America. Kahn tells Ted he is glad he was reminded of his Laotian heritage, but he will no longer be part of the guerrilla movement. Kahn also bluntly tells Ted who he is "If you want someone to play a round of golf with, call me. But if you want to impose guilt on others for how they choose to peacefully live their lives, call someone else." Finally Kahn and Minh celebrate by inviting the Hills, Gribbles, Boomhauer and Bill to a pool party, where Kahn shows new appreciation for his life of American secularism.


  • "Banana" is a derogatory term given to peoples of Asian ancestory who live a "western" or "caucasian" lifestyles. "Twinkie" is often used for the same meaning.
  • The episode name is a play on the punchline "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?".
  • When Minh changes the TV channel after Kahn leaves the bedroom, the theme song to the long-running sitcom Friends ("I'll Be There For You" by The Remembrants) is playing.
  • Something very similar allegedly happened in real life in 2007 (two years after the episode aired), wherein a former Laotian general living in America and his cadre were charged with buying military weapons, rockets, mines, etc. in order to go back to Laos and overthrow the communist government (it is illegal in itself for Americans to attack a neutral country). His views gained a lot of sympathy and their charges were eventually dropped and recognition given to the widespread humanitarian issues in Laos.



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