Now Who's the Dummy - Octavio
Name Octavio
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 50
Job Gasoline manager
First appearance Hank's Back
Voiced by Danny Trejo

Octavio (voiced by Danny Trejo) is a Hispanic man. He is a hit man who was hired by Dale initially to kill the ventriloquist dummy Chip Block in Now Who's the Dummy?. After failing in his mission, Dale fired him but has remained good friends with him and made him his go-to guy, and occasional lawyer.

Annual income: found $2.78 in change last year.


In the episode Dale Be Not Proud, he was hired by Dale to retrieve his kidney from the hospital. He managed to retrieve it himself after Octavio was stopped by Hank, but after seeing that the boy the kidney was going to behaved very similarly to himself as a child he changed his mind about having it put back in.

In The Texas Skilsaw Massacre when Big Jim (a man with a severe anger problem) attempted to attack Dale, he told Octavio to protect him and he replied that he won't because he still hadn't paid him.

In The Good Buck, Octavio joins Luanne's pool bible study, where he flirts with Luanne by trying to pass off his Rob Zombie tattoo (recognized by Joseph, implying that they are both fans) as Jesus.

In Bill Gathers Moss, Bill invites Octavio and his two brothers to move in, so it will force the other roomates out. However, a fight ensues, and Bill hides at Hank's until the police work things out.

In Uncool Customer, Hank is uncomfortable of the seating arrangements at the restaurant The Arlen Barn, so he employs Octavio to purchase a meatloaf sandwich for him. Upon delivery, Hank discovers Octavio has taken a bite of his sandwich, or possibly that Octavio stole the sandwich from someone.

In Just Another Manic Kahn-Day, Octavio sells Hank pills to ease Kahn's manic depression from a stand that reads "Lemonade and 'more'".




  • Octavio is based on the appearance of his first voice actor, Danny Trejo. Ironically, Trejo was more famous for the role of Enrique.
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