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Nine Rivers Country Club is a country club in Arlen with almost exclusively all Asian members. It was founded by Mr. Tranh, a Vietnamese immigrant hot sauce tycoon. Ted Wassanasong is a high ranking member and Khan Souphanousinphone has long coveted to become a member. Mr. Ho is chairman of the membership committee.

The club's name appears to be an homage to the Nine Bridges Golf Course on Jeju Island, South Korea.


In A Man Without a Country Club, Nine Rivers desired to hold the PGA Golf Tour with Tiger Woods, but the PGA would only operate at Nine Rivers if they had at least one non-Asian member. Through Khan's finagling, Ted offered Khan membership if Hank would be approved for membership. At first Hank is surprised with his membership offer in an all-Asian club, but then chalks it up to the membership chairman appreciating his good golfing and that ethnicity was not a factor. Ted and other Nine Rivers officials are extrememly welcoming to Hank, putting Alamo Beer on tap just for him. Hank became suspicious of overly generous gestures to him that were not extended to Khan, seeing is how they were both new members. Hank's suspicions prove correct when he sees a raffle was rigged for him to win a round of golf with Tiger Woods, causing Ted to confess the truth. After Ted gets a basic question about Hank selling propane  incorrect, Hank realizes he was being used and declines membership, causing Khan's membership nomination to be voided. It is unknown if the PGA refused to host their tournament at 9 Rivers on account of Hank's refusal to join.

In The Minh Who Knew Too Much, Minh takes advantage of Nine Rivers' losing streak against Pennington Oaks in the skeet shooting competition to gain membership. She enrolls in Dale's gun club to sharpen her shooting abilities. Dale and the other men are instantly taken with Minh and agree to her request to install a skeet range in their gun club. Although they are angered when Minh declines to represent the Arlen Gun Club in a separate skeet shooting event due to its conflict with the country club shoot and seek revenge by storming Nine Rivers, they change their minds after seeing all the luxuries of the country club. When they arrive at the skeet event, Minh repays the gun club for their loyalty by claiming they are her guests and sparing them a humiliating ejection. As the gun club enjoys themselves at Nine Rivers' skeet range that evening, Minh and Khan finally enjoy their membership dinner with Cindy and Ted Wassanasong.