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"Next of Shin" is the 40th episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on November 3, 1998. The episode was written by Alan R. Cohen and Alan Freedland, and directed by Jeff Myers. The name is a reference to the 1989 film Next of Kin.



Peggy fails her 12th home pregnancy test, prompting her to mention a fertility specialist to Hank. At first, Hank protests, as he would rather not be nude in front of a doctor. But Peggy informs him that the entire procedure can take place using an MRI machine. Later, Dr. Rajav Bhudamanjur informs Hank he suffers from a low sperm count. As heat kills sperm, the doctor recommends several techniques to lower Hank's body temperature. Hank follows the doctor's advice, but he soon suffers great embarrassment when more and more of his friends become aware of the situation. As time passes, Peggy takes another pregnancy test, but she's again negative. Shortly thereafter, Cotton pays the Hills a surprise visit and announces that Didi is pregnant. Hank and Peggy are stunned.

Preparing for the inevitable, Hank, Peggy, Cotton and Didi visit Bibs & Cribs, a large baby store. But Cotton's mind begins playing tricks on him, and he imagines the babies as German and Japanese soldiers advancing through the store. He tells the others he will wait outside the store until they're through. Afterward, Cotton brings Bobby to a bar and tells him about Hank and Peggy's plans for having another baby. Later, Bobby tells his father his reasons for not wanting a sibling. Their conversation is interrupted by Didi, who announces that Cotton has run off. Cotton leaves a message on the Hill's answering machine, confirming his intention to leave Didi and the newborn behind. Bobby then dials "Star69," and determines that his grandfather fled to Las Vegas.

Aided by Dale and Bill, Hank sets off for Las Vegas. There the threesome visit every strip club in town, but their search is unsuccessful. Hank gets a clue to Cotton's whereabouts from a member of an Andrews Sisters tribute group (three guys in drag). He discovers Cotton sitting at a craps table (with the aid of a booster seat) inside a casino. He tells his father that he and Peggy have given up on the idea of having another baby, as it would upset Bobby too much. Hank then tells his father that "he wins." But Cotton insists he was never in competition with Hank to begin with and that Hank has always been the better father. Cotton then agrees to return home. But first, Cotton insists they have a night of fun in Las Vegas; this gets cut short when Cotton, in a fit of anger, stomps across the craps table like Godzilla through Tokyo.


  • Hank begins singing "Peaches" by the Presidents of the United States of America while playing it on his guitar.
  • The red-haired waitress who Cotton smacks the rear-end of appears to be the same one who he previously smacked the rear-end of before rudely asking her to provide him and Bobby with sandwiches in "Shins of the Father". This time, however, he did not order anything after smacking her rear. As shown in "The Final Shinsult", this act could have landed him in jail for sexual battery. Due to his habit of doing it more than once, it even could have constituted as grounds for a restraining order.
  • Most of the Vegas hotel / casinos shown don't actually exist, but they're rather parodies of actual ones. For instance, the Golddust is a parody of an actual one called the Stardust.
  • Surprisingly, Cotton mistook at least some of the Las Vegas Andrew Sisters impersonators for the real Andrew Sisters and grabbed the rear of the male drag queen impersonating the sister trio's lead singer Patty Andrews. By this point in time, Patty Andrews was the only surviving Andrew Sister still alive, with Maxine Andrews dying off in 1995 and Laverne Andrews dying off in 1967. However, Patty was also 80 years old at the time and would've most certainly not matched the look of the drag queen who was impersonating her younger self.
  • Hank was quick to rightly assume that his father would be at an Andrew Sisters event. This was due to their enormous appeal among the GI Generation which included Cotton. Cotton's obsession with the music of Andrew Sisters wasn't rare among his generation. In fact, the prominent years for the Andrew Sisters, who were also sisters in real life, were in the 1940s, when they sang and acted in songs and movies encouraging U.S. intervention in World War II. They also at times toured with the USO during World War II and achieved some major success during the early post-war years as well. They appealed towards numerous GIs like Cotton, which had a major impact on their successful career. However, the three sisters were also known to quarrel behind the scenes and disbanded by the start of the 1950s. Their popularity never recovered after this despite some reunions between 1956 and 1967.
  • When Hank wonders aloud to his father, Cotton, about he and Peg having another child and that it may not happen, Cotton tells Hank "Well then you had the fun of tryin', boy!  I gots to have that talk with you," referring to the "birds and bees" puberty talk, even though Hank is already a father.
  • The two scenes where Hank, Dale and Bill are driving through the desert to Vegas are reused scenes from the episode "The Order of the Straight Arrow" from Season 1. If you stop the episode and look at the scene from the side, you can see Peggy driving the truck.
  • Cotton mentions that Hank gets his narrow urethrae from his mother. However, in the Season 6 episode "Returning Japanese", we learn that Junichiro also has a narrow urethra, strongly implying that the brothers get it genetically from Cotton.



  • Dale mentions that he is a Bounty Hunter from the previous episode, he also has the same Bounty Hunter cap. 


  • When Hank is talking to Bobby in the garage about the baby, Hank is wearing brown shorts and sitting on a stool. When Hank stands up, you can see the top of his pants are now blue. When Bobby passes in front of him, he has brown shorts on again.
  • The hotel / casino where the "Andrews Sisters" perform is called "Goldust" on the taxi cab ad, but it's spelled as "Golddust" (with 2 D's) on the actual facility's sign.
  • The *69 guy says that he is called from the intersection of "Flamingo and Sahara." These are actual Las Vegas streets, however they run parallel to one another and never intersect at any point.
  • In the aerial shot of the Las Vegas Strip, the Luxor (the pyramid-shaped hotel/casino) is shown to be kitty corner from the MGM Grand (the green one with the lion decor). In real life, however, the Excalibur (the one shaped like a castle) is in this position, kitty corner from the MGM Grand.
  • When Hank shows a photograph of Cotton to one of the "Andrews Sisters" it is clearly recognizable as being a photograph taken specifically on Bobby's birthday from the episode Shins of the Father, in which Cotton was seen riding a horse around the yard. The photograph is completely identical to mentioned episode featuring balloons around the yard and the identical cowboy hat that Cotton wore that day while galloping through the air.

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