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New Cowboy on the Block is the one hundred-fifty-second episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on November 16, 2003. The episode was written by Dean Young, and directed by Cyndi Tang-Loveland.


A washed-up former Dallas Cowboys player, Willie Lane, moves into the neighborhood. The guys take a liking to him and look the other way for his antics, even when he cuts Kahn's telephone wire when he complains about his neighbor's loud parties. But when Willie and his friends dig up Kahn's lawn, Hank decides that he has had enough. He calls the police but they too look the other way when they notice Willie's Super Bowl ring. Hank reminds them about the charges, but Willie denies it and says Hank did it, which the police quickly believe.

When Willie teaches Bobby some dirty football moves (which involve him punching Joseph in the face), tears up Hank's fence, and then roll a car onto his lawn, Hank has had enough and calls the police again. Once again, Hank is ticketed after Willie convinces the police he didn't do it and blames Hank for rolling a car onto his own lawn. Hank and the guys confront him but Willie is confident that no one will touch him and punches Hank in the face. The gang try to talk Hank into hitting him back, but Hank says he won't, since only one punch thrown is assault, and if Hank throws one back it's a fight. However, Willie's Super Bowl ring leaves a distinct imprint on Hank's face (Willie mentions early in the episode it's hard to take off the ring) and Dale quickly takes a picture and puts it in a safe, having enough evidence to officially charge Willie and show the police proof. Hank tells Willie he has 2 weeks to leave or he will press aggravated assault charges, which Willie can't afford. The neighborhood has been shaken but will recover.


Stinger Quote

  • Hank: "Rock on!"
  • Khan: "Yes, hello. Rock on."


  • Willie Lane's #64 is fictional, but in real life #64 is Tom Rafferty from 1976-1989. Willie got cut in 1979, like Dale said, but in real life, Thomas Henderson was mugged during the Cowboys and Redskins game, and he was on reserve-retired list four days later.

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