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Myrna Kleinschmidt is Lucky Kleinschmidt's younger sister who appeared in "Lucky See, Monkey Do".


Unlike her family and their friends, Myrna was not happy with the way she was raised, such as her father making his family eat whatever dead animal or edible thing he managed to find for dinner so when she grew up she decided that she wanted a normal life, had two children and made sure to do the opposite of what her own relatives did. She takes a very modern parenting course and wants the best for her family, always making her two children read books for fun and drink water only.

Despite their different choices in life, Myrna and Lucky seem to love and care for each other a lot and upon finding out she was going to be an aunt she immediately volunters to help Lucky and Luanne by trying to get them to follow on her parenting methods.

Myrna attended Luanne and Lucky's baby shower and bought their upcoming child at least three presents. At first Peggy Hill and her got along well but the two quickly clashed over their ideas on how to raise a child and both tried to get Luanne to choose their ideas. Luanne first wanted to try Peggy's way, then she tried Myrna's way after sharing Peggy's advice led to her being looked down upon by other soon-to-be parents, but after finding Myrna's methods too odd for her liking, Luanne finally decided that she and Lucky needed to think for themselves.

Myrna is last seen at a family photo taken after Gracie's birth with Gracie, Lucky, Luanne and the Hills.


  • Her children's names were never revealed.
    • Her husband Jason is mentioned.
  • When Lucky called her to inform her that he was going to be a father, she broke down crying in the middle of her yoga class.
  • When her children were teething, Myrna froze a peach slice and wrapped it on a washcloth for them to bite on and relieve their pain.
  • Apparently she thinks that giving kids juice makes them go crazy.