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Ms. Wakefield is the one hundred-seventy-third episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on December 19, 2004. The episode was written by J.B. Cook, and directed by Allan Jacobsen.

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When an elderly stranger, Ms. Wakefield, visits the Hill residence during Christmas, Hank is thrilled to show her his house since it was also her childhood home. However, when Ms. Wakefield announces that she wants to die in their house, Hank and Peggy want nothing more than for her to leave, despite her constant attempts of breaking in their house and wanting to die in there.



  • During the opening, due to it being a Christmas special, jingle bells are alternatively added in the theme song.
  • In the episode, John Redcorn mentions that Bill always buys cool gifts; however, in the last three Christmas specials, Bill buys nothing of interest..
  • At the 12:10 mark, you can see Dooley being led away by the security guards.
  • When Bobby shows Ms. Wakefield his room, Bart Simpson can be seen on the shelf.

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