Mrs. Kalaiki-Ali'i
Name Mrs. Kalaiki-Ali'i
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age Deceased
Job Insurance Adjuster
Relatives David Kalaiki-Ali'i (son)
First appearance Traffic Jam
Voiced by Amy Hill

Mrs. Kalaiki Ali'i is an insurance adjuster in Arlen, TX. She is voiced by Amy Hill.


Mrs. Kalaiki Ali'i first appears in the Season 2 episode Traffic Jam as Hank Hill's insurance adjuster after his collision with Kahn. She informs Hank that in order to avoid a rate increase he must attend traffic school. This leads to the episode's conflict of Hank's frustrations with Booda Sack's "teaching" methods.

Mrs. Kalaiki Ali'i makes her 2nd and final appearance in the Season 5 episode Peggy Makes the Big Leagues. In this episode, her son David is the star of Arlen High School's football team. After Peggy flunks David due to schoolwork ethic, Mrs. Kalaiki Ali'i tricks Hank and Peggy into believing David suffers from a learning disability and his only shot to be successful is with sports.

Mrs. Kalaiki Ali'i is not seen or mentioned in the rest of the series.
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