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Mr. Li is an acupuncture specialist and board-certified moxibustionist. He works at Mr. Li's Moxibustion Clinic and appears only in Hank's Unmentionable Problem.

When Hank suffers from constipation, he and Peggy go to the Heimlich County Medical Center, where Dr. Morley, a proctologist, and Tasha, a medical student, preform a sigmoidoscopy on Hank.

After the procedure, in his office, Dr. Morley explains to Hank that they're unsure what's causing his problem, and that the best option might be to remove something surgically. Hank groans in despair, and Dr. Morley apologizes for the bad news, but explains that it's obvious that his low-fat, high fiber diet isn't working. Peggy explains that perhaps Hank needs to give his diet a little more time, and they all agree, however, Dr. Morley, just to be safe, books an operating room for the end of the week.

Later, Hank, Peggy and Luanne, arrive at Soy To The World, and purchase some Faux Fu, which according to the deli clerk, is a "tofu substitute for the tofu-intolerant." and a quart of brown rice broth. Luanne confronts Hank at the deli counter, and shows him an advertisement she found in the store for moxibustion at Mr. Li's Moxibustion Clinic. As Luanne excitingly reads Mr's Li's advertisement, she explains how it says his moxibustion "relieves stress and opens energy channels." Hank, confused as well as uninterested, asks for an explanation of what moxibustion entails, and Luanne tells Hank that they stick needles in your skin and set them on fire. Hank then sternly explains that if anyone ever tries that on him, he'll kick them in the rear.

While Hank continues to struggle with constipation that interferes with his everyday life, he eventually decides to go to Mr. Li's Moxibustion Clinic. During the moxibustion therapy, Hank sits up, and realizes that he has multiple, burning needles stuck inside of him and becomes infuriated. Hank then proceeds to angrily kick Mr. Li in the rear.

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