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Mr. Ho is the chairmen of the membership committee at Nine Rivers Country Club.


Mr. Ho is an elderly man who is seen wearing golf clothing. He has short gray hair, is of Chinese descent and speaks Chinese.


In season 6, Hank is invited by Ted Wassanasong to Nine Rivers in order to become a member. Before he can become one, he has to show his golf skills to Mr. Ho. Nine Rivers needs at least one white person like Hank to qualify for a PGA tournament where Tiger Woods will play, but Mr. Ho wants to see if Hank will still be a great golfer. In order to convince Mr. Ho that Hank is a good player, Kahn compliments Hank's golf shots. Mr. Ho accepts Hank as a new member, and Ted also convinces Mr. Ho to let Kahn and Minh become new members.

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