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Morine Huskin is the wife of Gordon and mother of Ollie. She was a co-antagonist and a supporting character in "Uh-oh, Canada".


Biography and Personality

Morine lives in Canada with her husband and son, but moved to Arlen, or a Summer as a result of a house swap with Boomhauer. Similar to her husband, she acts mildly anti-American, mostly in regards to women's lives in America, furniture, and the environment. She also speaks good Canadian French like her husband.

After Gordon was jailed for public drunkeness, Morine was forced to swallow her pride and seek out help from the Hills, ultimately leading to Hank helping to free Gordon.


  • Morine is considered to be Peggy's Canadian counterpart, as both are highly egotistical. The strongest difference between the two is the fact that Morine is highly passive-aggressive, while Peggy is openly hostile.