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Misty is a Tom Landry Middle School student and a member of the cheerleader squad. She appears in the episode "Cheer Factor."


In season 8 after Jo Rita is no longer the cheerleader coach, Peggy Hill has all the cheerleaders, including Misty, do new cheerleading routines. At a pep rally where the students are bored by Peggy's routines, she sees that the students like seeing the opposing mascot team beat up, so Peggy forces Misty to wear the cougar costume. Peggy has the other teammates beat Misty to arouse cheers from the students, and it works.

At the next practice session, Misty refuses to wear the mascot costume since it smells awful and it is uncomfortable, but to her relief, Bobby volunteers to wear the opposing mascot costumes for their cheerleading routine involving the cheerleaders pretending to beat up the mascot as a type of cheer. When Peggy's controversial routine of having Bobby play a stereotype of a drunken Irish person results in her termination as coach, Misty and the other cheerleaders do not stand up for Peggy. At the next football game though, Connie Souphanousinphone convinces her fellow cheerleaders to do a routine unlike Jo Rita's regular acts.