Miss Kremzer
Ms. Crimser
Name Miss Kremzer
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age Deceased
Job Dean of Arlen Beauty Academy
First appearance Plastic White Female
Voiced by Jennifer Coolidge

Miss Kremzer is the dean of the Arlen Beauty Academy. She is stern and uptight. She was frequently degrading towards Luanne which led to her quitting beauty school.


Miss Kremzer is first seen in "Plastic White Female." She is giving a lecture in a classroom when she picks on Luanne to give an answer. Luanne has no idea what the answer is, thus she picks on Sharona Johnson who gives the right answer. In the next lecture she is seen giving the end of a lecture explaining why blondes don't necessary have more fun. She goes over next week's final exam by giving each student a plastic head to practice on. She explains that they need show a year's worth of theory on the plastic head. As in life they only get one head and proceeds to call out Luanne that she needs to pass. During examination of the final she scolds Luanne for not having her plastic head. Hank split the plastic head in half earlier in the episode so his head is the one that Luanne is using for her final. She criticizes the haircut remarking that those are the worst sideburns she has ever seen since Chair 3 suspecting she cheated. She fails Luanne, but apologizes to Luanne for being mean and unfair to her. She admits that she fell into the power trip of the academy that she forgot the most important principle of the Beautician's Art; repeat business and referals. Seeing that Hank, her customer, is pleased with his haircut she changes her grade to make Luanne pass.

Despite the character's change of heart and that of Luanne's fellow beauty school students, they're right back to their former bad attitudes and degrading remarks in later seasons.


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