Mike Soto
Name Mike Soto
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 11-14
Job Student at Tom Landry Middle School
Relatives Officer Soto (father)
First appearance
Voiced by Johnny Hardwick

Mike Soto is an over-achieving student at Tom Landry Middle School and an acquaintance of Bobby and Connie. He plays clarinet in the band and also has experience in color guard (flag spinning). In "What Makes Bobby Run?", he lost to Bobby in the contest to become the school's mascot, the Landry Longhorn. In "Dale Be Not Proud", Bobby temporarily takes over Mike Soto's job of hosting the morning announcements for school. In the episode Ho Yeah!, Mike and his mother notice Peggy Hill when she is unwittingly dressed as a prostitute while studying at the public library. Mike then approaches her and compliments her on her looks. His father is a police officer who has worked at Tom Landry Middle as a substitute teacher. He is voiced by Johnny Hardwick.

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